Hilary Duff Talks About ‘Smooching It Up’ With John Corbett on ‘HIMYF’

Hilary Duff braves the dreary weather throughout the day in New York City on Monday (January 23).

The 35-year-old actress was seen stopping by Good Morning America, Late Night with Seth Meyers and Watch What Happens Live to promote the new season of her Hulu series, How I Met Your Father.

During her appearance on Late Night, Hilary opened up about her on-screen fling with John Corbett in the new season of HIMYF.

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In the new season, Hilary‘s character Sophie is involved in a romantic relationship with John‘s character, and Seth then recalled that the actor played Hilary‘s high school music teacher in Raise Your Voice.

“He sure did, and now we are smooching it up,” she laughed about it, before admitting that would not fly today. “It did not happen then. She’s [Sophie is and I are] 35 now, we’re cool.”

Hilary also spoke about how she actually called John ‘Aidan’ on the set of the series, alluding to his role on Sex and the City.

“In my mind he’s Aidan,” she said. “I did call him John on set. But I have to — not suffer through — but, you know, a lot of my life I’m called Lizzie [McGuire], so, it’s just, that’s what it is.”

If you didn’t see, one How I Met Your Mother star will be back on the spinoff show!

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